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    Colonel Cher Pao Moua


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    Colonel Cher Pao Moua

    Post  HmoobTsab2 on 31st August 2012, 11:18 am

    Colonel Cher Pao Mua qhov keeb kwm ...

    Col. Cher Pao Mua

    From 1961 to 1975, Char Pao Mua was the Commander of the Bouam Long Camp (LS32). He has been fighting the Communists with great courage, and has never surrendered this camp. Col. Cher Pao Mua had about ten thousands (twelve thousands, including families) soldiers under his command, some of whom deserted to join the Lao and Vietnamese communists and literally disappeared from the scenery without anybody knowing anything about their whereabouts and destinies. Those who survived in the forests had to continue to fight to avoid being killed like animals by the Lao communists, to defend their country with honor, and to avoid incarceration and extreme suffering at the Vieng Xay re-education camp in Houaphan Province. They had been seeking understanding and support from the free world and the US during the Vietnam War. The main reason for their taking side with the US was to fight against the communists, prevent expansion of the red virus in the western countries and south-east Asia, and save democratic processes from exposure to the red peril and red cancer. For all these reasons, Col. Cher Pao Moua decided to go back to his troops to lead them to safety, and he did so at the expense of his own life, which he lost in Laos in 1994

    Messages : 134
    Date d'inscription : 2012-06-10

    Re: Colonel Cher Pao Moua

    Post  HmoobTsab2 on 31st August 2012, 11:19 am

    puas muaj leeg twg kam muaj Colonel Cher Pao Mua daim duab los rau hauv no thiab os? Xav pom hais tias Colonel Cher Pao Mua zoo li cas thiab.

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